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South Africa books

Looking for South Africa books? This page offers a selection that help to introduce visitors, and potential visitors, to this unusual and beautiful land.

The books cover subjects from the autobiography of Nelson Mandela to the mammals of the Kruger National Park and from the amazing Coelacanth fish to the Boer and Zulu Wars.

All the South Africa books listed here are obtainable from Amazon. To purchase a specific book, or for more information, click on one of the links.

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South Africa Books - politics and history

Long Walk to Freedom
by Nelson Mandela

Long Walk to Freedom is the autobiography of the first and much-loved President of post-Apartheid South Africa. He discloses a strong and generous spirit that refused to be broken.

The Boer War
Thomas Pakenham

The gripping story of the war between the Afrikaner Boers and the British Empire. The Boers lost, but taught the British a lot in the process.

The Washing of the Spears: The Rise and Fall of the Great Zulu Nation
by Donald. R Morris

The fascinating story of King Shaka's creation of the Zulu nation - of its victories over and ultimate defeat by the might of the British Empire.

South Africa books - fish and shells

A Guide to Common Sea Fishes of Southern Africa
by Rudy van der Elst

A well-produced book listing and detailing the sea fishes around the coast of Southern Africa.

A Photographic Guide to Sea Shells of Southern Africa
Douw & Elise Steyn

Written for both casual and serious shell collectors, this guide presents 262 species that are most likely to be seen in the region.

A Fish Caught in Time
Samantha Weinberg

The amazing story of the discovery of the Coelacanth off the coast of Southern Africa - a four-legged fish previously believed to have been extinct for 100 millions years.

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South Africa books - birds

Newman's Birds of Southern Africa
Kenneth Newman

This field guide to birds illustrates and describes fully all the birds recorded from South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Botswana, Swaziland, Lesotho and Mozambique.

Field Guide: The Birds of the Kruger National Park
Iain Sinclair

Part of a series of guides to the Kruger National Park. Sinclair is one of THE experts on the birds of South Africa. Readable and well illustrated.

South Africa Books - Mammals

Field Guide to the Mammals of The Kruger National Park
Heike Schutze

The Kruger National Park in Southern Africa boasts a huge variety of mammals, ranging from bushbabies to elephants; this book describes all the mammalian species known to occur in the Park.

The Safari Companion: A Guide to Watching African Mammals
Richard D. Estes

If you have the patience to sit quietly and watch a group of animals interact, rather than check them off a list and hurry on to the next species, this is the book for you.

Collins Photo Guide: African Wildlife
Peter C. Alden and others

This illustrated field guide to the wildlife of Africa features 300 birds, 200 mammals and many reptiles and insects.

South Africa Books - Other

The Protea Family in Southern Africa
Colin Paterson-Jones

South Africa's national emblem. 'The first thing that strikes you is the photographs. They made me want to jump straight on a plane to South Africa.'

Butterflies of Southern Africa: A Field Guide
Mark Williams

An introductory field guide, specifically aimed at the user who has little knowledge of butterflies to allow easy identification of species and groups in Southern Africa.

Wild Flowers of South Africa
S.P. Rourke (Editor)

A revised and updated guide to the wild flowers of South Africa.

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