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Remote control helicopters and planes

An exciting selection of remote control helicopters, radio controlled planes and other interesting flyers including gliders, blimps and flying saucers.

United Kingdom (see US below)

THE DRAGANFLYER III - radio controlled helicopter

Looks like it came out of a James Bond movie - Draganflyer III four-rotor gyro stabilized helicopter is the highest tech flying machine in the world.

If you think remote control helicopters are complicated and difficult to fly, think again. The body is virtually indestructible and replacement rotors are inexpensive. Assembly time is only 30 minutes to 1 hour.

The Draganflyer has been featured on "Ripley's Believe it or Not," Space Channel, Discovery Channel, and Tech TV. NASA has even purchased this helicopter for research along with many universities worldwide. For pictures of DRAGANFLYER III remote control helicopters,click here

Hoverfly 2 indoor helicopter

No complex assembly or set-up, and none of the worries about engines, batteries and weather associated with conventional model helicopters. Helicopter flying at a fraction of the cost and with a minimum of frustrating downtime.

Whether you are flying for the very first time or trying out advanced manoeuvres, the Hoverfly remote control helicopters enable you to practise and enjoy in comfort. Stunning climbout, and crisp tail response thanks to the tiny solid state gyro.

And there's a bonus: Hoverfly 2 comes with its own dedicated PC flight simulator program that lets you practise the most delicate manoeuvres! For more information and pictures of Hoverfly 2 indoor remote control helicopters, click here

Radio-controlled planes

Air Surfer Stunt Glider, Power Z 200, Cessna RTF, B2 Stealth Bomber, T-Hawk RTF, Merlin Ultralite and more. For more details and pictures of these radio-controlled planes, click here

Tri-turbofan remote control blimp

This is high performance Indoor Radio Controlled Fun at an Affordable Price.

Your Tri-Turbofan Airship will arrive at your home ready to fly! Fill the Mylar Airship Balloon with helium, attach the Tri-Turbofan to the balloon, add batteries and you are ready to go in 3 minutes!

You will have a big smile on your face as you pilot your Flying Saucer or Blimp Indoors - from the comfort of your living room chair, gymnasium, or auditorium! For more information and pictures of the blimp, click here

The ultimate frisbee / flying saucer

This "frisbee" style flying saucer packs an on-board computer that can display any message of your choice. A processor housed on the underside of the disc transmits the message to a LED display on the side.

The lights are sensitive to the frequency at which the EyeFo spins. The message is crystal clear in daylight, and at night leaves a trail like a shooting star. For more information and pictures, click here

Sky Emperor radio controlled Airplane by Nikko

It's a bird...it's a plane...well, actually, it's a glider. But not just any glider - in addition to being billed as "the smallest and most light-weight prebuilt glider in the world" it features a remote controlled, battery-powered propeller for extended flights.

Hand-launch the plane with the propeller spinning. And then from the remote, switch off the engine and let your high-flying glider adventure begin. Need more altitude? Flip the switch on the controller and the propeller fires up to help you climb again. Master banking turns and flying in different wind conditions as you carefully hone your skills. For more information and pictures of the, Sky Emperor R/C Airplane by Nikko, click here