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Unique Helicopter Training

Welcome to the world of unique helicopter training, a new found freedom and excitement which can only be experienced when flying a helicopter.

We offer some of the best helicopter schools and they combine your training with the splendor and thrills of Africa.

During your unique helicopter training you will fly over some of the most beautiful inland and coastal areas to be found in South Africa.

Fly in sunny blue skies over the ocean and view whales and dolphins at play. Fly under the bright stars on a clear African night. Fly over wild game parks and majestic mountain ranges.

This may be the helicopter training opportunity you have dreamed of where you will experience the benefits of low and high altitude training in a lovely, warm and friendly country.

Perhaps you just want to achieve your HPPL or HCPL Perhaps you are attracted to a career with helicopter flying

We will "tailor make" to suit your own personal requirements. We can offer:

  • "All inclusive" helicopter private pilot licence (HPPL)
  • Advanced training for your helicopter commercial pilot licence (HCPL)
  • Night Rating
  • Instrument Rating
  • Instructor’s Rating
  • Type Ratings
  • Sling Rating
  • Game Rating
  • Hire & Fly
  • Safaris to the wild coast, wetlands, game parks and mountain resorts.
  • Helicopter charter

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The cost of helicopter pilot training - all-inclusive package
The cost of our helicopter pilot training includes flying, lectures and accommodation.

PPL helicopter school requirements and examinations
MMeet these helicopter school requirements and you can become a Private Pilot

Durban Helicopter Flight Training - The African Experience
Experience a helicopter training school with a difference.

Cape Town Helicopter Training School
From Table Mountain with it's table cloth made of clouds to our oceans with their calving whales...

About helicopter pilot training
These unique helicopter pilot training programmes are organized by Durban-based LEARN TO FLY.

Training in R22 Robinson Helicopters
Your helicopter training will be in the R22 Robinson helicopters - agile and manoeuvrable piston engine two-seater helicopters. However you may choose others

Helicopter jobs or careers
Planning to look for helicopter jobs or careers? You will need a Commercial Pilots Licence (HCPL), preferably with an instructor's rating

Helicopter Pictures
A gallery of helicopter pictures, and photos taken from helicopters involved in game capture and wildlife conservation in South Africa.

Helicopter safaris in Southern Africa
Interested in helicopter safaris in Southern Africa? We arrange customized helicopter safaris in South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania and Kenya.

Helicopter charters - South Africa
Need helicopter charters in South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Lesotho, Swaziland or Angola? We can meet all your needs

Helicopter hire and rentals in South Africa
Need helicopter hire or rentals in South or Southern Africa? Learn To Fly's extensive network enables us to source the helicopter you need where you need it

Helicopter training books and manuals
We recommend you read your helicopter training books and manuals now so that you can focus on the joy of flying when your training begins

South Africa map, travel guides and books
Looking for a South Africa map? This page offers map of South Africa, travel guides, and books that introduce visitors to this unusual and beautiful country

South Africa books
Looking for South Africa books? This page offers a selection that helpt to introduce visitors, and potential visitors, to this unusual and beautiful land.

Fixed-wing flying lessons and training
Learn To Fly also offers fixed-wing flying lessons and training in South for both Commercial and Private Pilot licences - good prices and lots of fun

Microlight lessons and training
Our sister web site Learn To Fly offers microlight lessons and training in Durban, South Africa - great weather, excellent prices and lots of fun.

Helicopter training in Africa - private and commercial licences
We offer helicopter training in Africa - for student pilots from Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, South Africa and other countries on the continent

helicopter lessons - now for something completely different!
Looking for helicopter lessons? There is only one school in the world that combines your training with the excitement of game conservation in Africa

Learn Aviation English - ESL
We have arranged special courses for student pilots to learn aviation English before or during their flying training in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town

Remote control helicopters and planes
An exciting selection of remote control helicopters, radio controlled planes and other interesting flyers including gliders, blimps and flying saucers.

UK Flyer Magazine visits South Africa
Learn To Fly recently hosted a team from the UK Flyer Magazine. They were in South Africa to look at our Helicopter Training + Game conservation package and to visit our 'idyllic' training situation i

Helicopter Flight Schools
Don't discount helicopter flight schools in South Africa - they offer you low prices, quality training,sunshine and exciting new experiences in Africa

Helicopter schools in South Africa
Helicopter schools in South Africa offer you experiences that other countries cannot.

Helicopter Pilot Schools
Helicopter pilot schools that offer quality training, all-year-round flying weather and exciting new experiences - Durban, Pretoria, Johannesburg, Cape Town.

Useful aviation links
Useful aviation links: to sites that deal with flying, helicopter flight schools, and aircraft in general

Comments on learning to fly in South Africa
Comments by student pilots and others on learning to flying helicopters and airplanes in South Africa

RBM and RFO Helicopters for Sale
RBM and RFO Helicopters for Sale