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Cost of Helicopter Pilot Training
in South Africa

Included in the helicopter pilot training package are:

  • Aviation Medical
  • Flying: 50 Hours Robinson R22
  • Language Proficiency Examination
  • Lectures & Briefings
  • PPL Training Kit
  • Restricted Radio License Course
  • Issue Of Student Pilot Licence
  • Issue Of Private Pilot Licence
Accommodation can be arranged - but is not included in the cost estimates.

Multiple Training Schools ?   Why ?

Students usually have a city or area preference, which is determined by specialised flying preference, current residence location, a personal preference or even the weather.

We offer schools based in Durban, Cape Town and Midrand (for Johannesburg / Pretoria) which means that costs can vary to a limited extent. Check out the pages for each of the schools which will detail the differences.
All the required helicopter pilot training material and books are provided and are available at the flying school and generally the entire course is conducted 'in house'.

Cost of Private Helicopter Pilot Training - HPPL

The total approximate cost of your helicopter pilot training course (HPPL), including accommodation, is from ZAR (South African Rands) R315 000. To convert this to YOUR currency click here

These are estimated costs of what will be required to complete your HPPL. Extra flying hours or change in aircraft type will be charged accordingly. Prices are subject to some fluctuation without prior notice due to changes in exchange rates, fuel prices and other costs beyond our control.

Provision for Accommodation

Should you be requiring accommodation, then you should perhaps be budgeting around R20 000 per month for full board. This will vary by location and by standard of accommodation required. The 16 week HPPL course would then require R80 000 to be budgeted for accommodation.

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Cost of Commercial Helicopter Pilot Training - HCPL

This training covers the (private) HPPL requirement plus all flight training and exams for the (commercial) HCPL certification.

This will also vary by location and helicopters used but a rough estimate, excluding accommodation, would be about R1,1 million. (R1 100 000)