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Helicopter jobs & careers

Planning to look for helicopter jobs or careers? You will need a Commercial Pilots Licence (HCPL), preferably with an instructor's rating.

A PPL is for private use only. It will enable you to fly yourself and friends. but will not get you helicopter jobs or start a commercial career. You will need a CPL to be able to earn an income.

We suggest that you include an Instructors Rating with your HCPL. This will enable you to build your helicopter hours and experience whilst being paid.

Once you have achieved this, there are good opportunities for helicopter jobs. Your helicopter flying school may well employ you if you have the right aptitude and attitude.

There is currently a shortage of commercial helicopter pilots in South Africa and worldwide. In addition, the role of helicopters in game conservation and management is predicted to increase significantly in Africa in the years ahead.

In addition to CPL requirements, advanced training is also available for: