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ESL - learn aviation English

We have arranged special courses for student pilots to learn aviation English before or during their flying training in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

People interested in learning to fly who have English as their home language seldom realise how lucky they are.

It makes complete sense to do your training in English, whatever your home language. WHY? Because English is the primary language of aviation.

Whatever air traffic control you are talking to (a rare exception being Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris), the communication will be in ENGLISH.

Whatever air traffic control you are talking to, the communication will be in ENGLISH.

So non-English speakers are at a disadvantage.

The solution?

We have arranged SPECIAL ESL (English as Second Language) courses in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town. We call them special because they will include classes that focus on the language of the skies - aviation English.

Depending on you needs, you can do such classes before your start your flying training, or do them in parallel with you flying lessons. Need more information: email ginny@learn-to-fly.co.za

Whatever your first language, buy the manuals!

You can make your training a whole lot easier by reading the training manuals BEFORE you start your training. By doing so, you will become familiar with the vocabulary used by the trainers.

You will find ESSENTIAL and recommended books for both fixed-wing and helicopter training: list of manuals

Or (for a wider selection) to improve your aviation English download our '50 Best Books on Flying'

For more information on learning aviation English